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Sub-zero icemaker repair in
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We are your local same day repair company specializing in the repair and maintenance of Subzero.
Call now (949) 718-0393, (714) 662-7374 and get 20% off labor.
Your benefits:
Tilda Publishing
  • 90 days to one year warranty on Subzero parts
  • Technicians with Subzero Repair Parts On-hand
  • 80% same day repairs.
  • We minimize disruption to your household and your schedule
  • Certified & Preferred service provider of Subzero
  • Original factory parts - 99% in truck
  • State licensed and insured in California
Tilda Publishing
Your Zubsero icemaker is not typical appliance it is cutting edge technology. Please make sure you will call professional company who is trained by manufacture. The company who will use brand new manufacture parts. The company who mostly (90%) will finish the job from the first visit.
If you experience any of these problems, call us now (949) 718-0393, (714) 662-7374 and get 20% off labor:
  • The Ice maker is leaking
  • The ice maker work noisily, has unusual sounds
  • The ice has different size in comparison with usual cubes
  • The Ice has unusual smell
  • The ice maker makes the ice slowly
  • The ice maker is frozen over
  • The Ice maker is not working
  • The ice maker is not making ice

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