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Subzero refrigerator repair
Looking for "Subzero repair near me"?

We are your local same day refrigeration company specializing in the repair and maintenance of Subzero's.

Call now or contact us and get 20% off labor.

Your benefits:
  • 90 days to one year warranty on Subzero parts
  • Technicians with Subzero Repair Parts On-hand
  • 80% same day repairs.
  • We minimize disruption to your household and your schedule
  • Certified & Preferred service provider of Subzero refrigerators
  • Original factory parts - 99% in truck
  • State licensed and insured in California
You bought a SubZero refrigeration product because of its reputation for quality; so when your Subzero breaks down, it may be perplexing. Fortunately, West Coast Appliance Repair specializes in repair of high end brands like Subzero; so when operational failures arise, contact us for reliable, affordable service.

Such models as 532, 590, 550, 650, 501R, 601R, 632, 690, 561, 642, 511, 542, 680 works well, but repairmen need special skills and parts.

How we work:
1.Call us
(949) 718-0393
(714) 662-7374
(800) 598-7320
2. What is your city, address, phone?
3. Tell what Subzero refrigerator you have and what problem with it?
4. What time and day you want to schedule for?

Common problems with Subzero refrigerators:
  • Your refrigerator has a temperature malfunction
  • Noises coming from your refrigerator
  • Your refrigerator is frozen over
  • The light doesn't work in your SubZero refrigerator
  • Your refrigerator side is not cooling, but freezer is
  • Your SubZero refrigerator is forming ice around the ice maker
  • Your SubZero refrigerator is too cold, but freezer is ok
  • Your refrigerator is making clicking noise
  • Your controls on the refrigerator are locked and you can't change the temperature
  • No water or ice coming out of your dispenser in your refrigerator
  • Your refrigerator stopped making ice
  • Your refrigerator is icing up in the back
  • Your SubZero refrigerator flashing service light

If you experience any of these problems, call us now (949) 718-0393, (714) 662-7374 and get 20% off labor.
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